Dear New SIT4EVR® Owner,

Congratulations on your purchase of the SIT4EVR® by EVR Technology. To get the most out of your product please take the time to read through this manual and familiarize yourself with the instructions. The concept behind the SIT4EVR® is extremely simple, it uses your body to support itself. When your body is properly aligned you should experience no pain while sitting. Sitting for extended periods leads to slouching, which can cause back pain. The SIT4EVR® provides pain free support by stopping the slouch. In order for the SIT4EVR® to work as effectively as possible, it needs to be worn correctly.

Please read the instructions carefully before using your SIT4EVR® because improper positioning of the back support or knee straps can result in discomfort and render the SIT4EVR® ineffective.

How to Use Sit 4 EVR

1. Hold one end of the strap in one hand, and with the opposite hand pass the free end of the strap behind your lower back.

2. Loop each end around your knees.

3. Adjust the straps evenly until the tension is supportive and comfortable.


Where can I use the SIT4EVR®?
You can use your SIT4EVR® any time you are seated. Office chairs, benches, airplane seats, and sofas are all great places to use your SIT4EVR®. Just remember to adjust the leg straps for each new location and do not use the SIT4EVR® as a back rest. It is intended to help maintain good posture and reduce the stress on your back muscles, not to support the weight of your entire torso.

How long should I wear the SIT4EVR®?
The SIT4EVR® is a sitting aide and trainer. It is NOT intended to allow you to sit longer than you should at a given time, but instead to make sitting more comfortable and to teach you the proper sitting position. If you are sitting for more than one hour at a time you should get up and move around for a few minutes at least once per hour, whether you are wearing the SIT4EVR® or not.

How tight should it be?
There is no specific setting for the SIT4EVR®. You should tighten the SIT4EVR® to where you can sit comfortably. It should be snug, but not uncomfortable or painful. You should feel as if you are balanced in an upright position. Experiment with different settings until you find the position that is comfortable for the longest period of time. The SIT4EVR® is designed to make sitting more comfortable; adjust the straps or stop using it if you are uncomfortable in any way.

My legs begin to “fall asleep”.
Your limbs can “fall asleep” (i.e. become tingly and/or numb) as a result of pressure for extended periods. Sitting can cause pressure on the nerve pathways responsible for the sensation in your legs, preventing them from communicating properly with your brain. It can also constrict the blood vessels to your legs, limiting blood flow. One or both of these processes can cause the sensation in your legs known as “falling asleep”. Any tingling or numbness in your legs is not the result of the SIT4EVR® since it does not put pressure on any nerves or blood vessels. If your legs begin to “fall asleep”, stand up and move around until they feel normal.